Chair-person & Fixture Secretary - Lisa Goudy

Umpire Secretary - Barbara Seal / Vicky McDonagh

Safeguarding Secretary - Vicky McDonagh

Treasurer - Julie Baron

All can be contacted via leylandnetball4all@outlook.com markedto the attention of the committee member you require assistance from


1.1.1 - Allleagues have a Registration Fee of £30.00, this covers your last game played inthe Leyland Netball4All League if you decide to leave.

1.1.2 - Fromweek 1, £30.00 is to be paid in full to cover the cost of the following weeksgame.

1.1.3 - ALLfees (£30.00) are to be paid by 4pm on the day of your fixture to the LeylandNetaball4All account.

1.1.4 - Noteam may take the court until court fees are paid.

1.1.5 - Allentries must have 2 contacts details and a minimum of7 players registeredthrough our website.

1.1.6 - Anyteam who provides giving false information regarding the identity of playerswhen registering will be disciplined, any points gained from the played fixturewill forfeit the fixture.


2.1.1 - Withdrawalfrom the League - As I am sure everyone can appreciate a lot of time and workgoes into creating fixtures and updating the website with all the information,therefore, if a team withdraws from the league mid-season there will be a £50administration charge payable.

2.1.2 - Whena team leaves the league, any previous or future fixtures will be inputted as a15-0 win to the team still in the league.


3.1.1 - TeamManagers/Captains/Coaches upon submitting entry accepts all rules andregulations of the Leyland Netball4All League and ensuring that ALL membersof their team who at any time represent them in Leyland Netball4All Leaguematches are fully aware of said same rules.

3.1.2 - Allteams must supply own ball, bibs and first aid [there are no first aidfacilities available at the site]

3.1.3 - Allteams must wear suitable footwear. In the event of a clash of colour ofkit/bibs the away team [second named team on fixture] must change their bibsand seek confirmation from umpires that they are happy with the colour change.

3.1.4 - Nojewellery to be worn including any watches, wedding rings can be worn howeverthese need to be taped, any body piercing should be removed.

3.1.5 - Nailsmust be kept short.

3.1.6 - Itis the umpires' responsibility to check for any of the above and requestremoval before commencement of match.

3.1.7 - EnglandNetball recommends that individuals (player, coach, umpire) if pregnant shouldonly participate with approval from their doctor and not participate beyond the12th week of pregnancy. LeylandNetball4All League will require this approvalsending to leylandnetball4all@outlook.com

3.1.8 - Ifthere are two leagues played the same night, the winner of the lower leaguewill move up to the higher league.


4.1.1 - Players MUST beregistered to your team before they take to the court.

4.1.2 - Ifyou are wanting to add players to your team sheets this must be done before thefixture takes place.

4.1.3 - Withregards to players moving teams, players can move teams within the season ifthey so wish.

4.1.4 - Teamscan play players from another team, but these players can only play WD, C or WA

4.1.5 - Player'smay REGISTER to play in the Leyland Netball4All League fromthe age of 14 if the players parent accepts this is an adult league.

4.1.6 - Teamsheets are to be completed online with the login and password provided at thebeginning of each season.

4.1.7 - Allteams are to complete team sheets before 4pm along with fees or there will bea 3-point deduction from the team.

4.1.8 - Teamsheet must be correct before taking the court, or a 3-point deductionwill be applied.

4.1.9 - Youare allowed 3 borrowed players. No exceptions will be made for any teams. If ateam plays with more than the allowed number of 3borrowed players, they will bededucted of 5 points.

4.1.10 - Ifa team forfeits the game, but the fixture is still played, the forfeiting teamwill lose the fixture by 30 v 0.


5.1.1 - Matcheswill have 2 umpires per court and a scorer.

5.1.2 - Scorerand Umpire fees are included in the court fees.

5.1.3 - Finalscore will be updated by COP on the day of the fixture.

5.1.4 - Rulesare England Netball regulated.

5.1.5 - Matchesare 2 x 18 mins.

5.1.6 - Gameswill start on the whistle of the Umpires timer so speed in getting on court isessential at the changeover. First matches on are advised to arrive early andbe on court ready for start to avoid any delays.

5.1.7 - Oncethe first whistle has been blown, if the team is late taking to court, forevery minute late 1 goal will be awarded to the opposition.

5.1.8 - Teamscan take the court with 5 players.

5.1.9 - Teamscan, if short use players from another team but only in a WD, C or WA positionhowever their opposition and umpire must be informed before the game commences.

5.1.10 - PointsSystem - Win = 5 points / Draw = 3 points / Loss by1 goal = 2 points Score overhalf = 1 point / Loss = 0 points

5.1.11 - Playerof the match, to be submitted via WhatsApp in the league group after eachfixture.


6.1.1 - Netballis a physical game. Umpires will do all they can to cut out dangerous play, butaccidents do happen. Neither the LeylandNetball4All League, members of theorganisation nor umpires can be held responsible for any accidents or injuriesin any match. Teams are required to take out their own personal insurancehowever any injury should be reported and entered in the injury book.

6.1.2 - Inthe event of any players being injured the game MUST continueunless the team has LESS than 5 players on court - only thenwill time be called.

6.1.3 - Ifa game must be abandoned and over half of the game has been played the scorestands at time of stoppage and will not be replayed. If it’s less than half thematch will be replayed at end of season unless teams agree otherwise. The teamwith injury will have to recompense the opposition for the percentage of playleft un-played.


7.1.1 - 24hours' notice is required, but fees for this match will still be required to bepaid in full, for both yourself and the opposition,


8.1.1 - Anydisputes arising from these decisions must be put inwriting to the leaguesecretary via leylandnetball4all@outlook.com

8.1.2 - LeylandNetball4All league have a policy of NO Verbal Abuse directedat either any player or umpire or any volunteers. Please always respect ourumpires. Remember they have to make decisions in a millisecond, and they cannotphysically see everything that is going on.

8.1.3 - LeylandNetball4All league have a policy of NO physical violencedirected at either any player or umpire or any volunteers.

8.1.4 - LeylandNetball4All league have a policy of NO bad sportsmanship.

8.1.4 - Weare endeavouring to bring back respect for players/umpires and volunteers.

8.1.5 - Ifa complaint is made by anyone [player or team] the League administrationreserve the right to discipline or suspend accordingly.

8.1.6 - TheLeague committee have the right to amend Rules and Regulations if required forthe safety / benefit of the League.

8.1.7 - Whensuspending a player from court, umpires must specify a number of goals that thesuspension is in place for, suspension must be a minimum of 2 goals, maximum of5.

8.1.8 - Anydisputes arising from these decisions must be put inwriting to the leaguesecretary.


9.1.1 - Fixturesare available to view from the Leyland Netball4allwebsitehttp://indoornetball.co.uk/netball4all and will be followed without exception,unless formally changed by the Leyland Netball4all Committee.


10.1.1 - Complaintsor problems should be directed to the LeylandNetball4All League Secretary inwriting (e-mail: leylandnetball4all@outlook.com) within 7 days of the issuearising. Please make sure this is emailed and not text, WhatsApp, or Facebook

10.1.2 - Anyviolent, abusive, derogatory or socially inappropriate behaviour towards anyPlayer, Official or Umpire will not be tolerated and will be investigated thoroughly,and a decision made with regards to the incident by the committee.

10.1.3 - Participatingin any match or Tournament, in any capacity, whilst under the influence ofdrugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and will result in the Player, Officialor umpire being required to cease the activity immediately. The offendingindividual will be suspended from the LeylandNetball4All League until theLeyland Netball4All League Committee have discussed the incident and reach adecision on the appropriate action.

10.1.4 - TheLeyland Netball4All League recognises that children are often brought withtheir parents to the netball courts - this is only permissible if children areappropriately supervised whilst the parent is playing, or the child is able tounderstand Health & Safety rules, such as standing back from the edge ofthe court, not running onto court etc

10.1.5 - Socialmedia Policy - Total ban on informal videorecording or photography of any kindduring matches and around all court areas. Any recordings or photographs mayonly be made with prior written consent from the Leyland Netball4All LeagueCommittee. Please email your request to: leylandnetball4all@outlook.com

10.1.6 - Safeguarding- As everyone is aware we may have junior (Under 18) members playing within theleague and every player has a duty of care to ensure we do not breech anypotential issues in relation to safeguarding, for junior players, childrenobserving matches & vulnerable adults.